4 comments on “Performance Schedule

  1. Mr. Dave and Ms. Lisa:

    I absolutely love your CD! You guys are Fantastic!
    By The way…..Welcome to New Jersey!

    Where we live, I call the “Little Southern town in the North”.

    New Jersey is nothing like I thought it would be.

    I have lived here over 7 years now.

    I am an old Kentucky boy that once worked in the deep southern states of Georgia and Alabama. You guys have a very nice sound.

    I hope to get to play with y’all some. I am no where close to your talent. However, I write a lot of music. Perhaps, we can just jam some.

    Take care


  2. 7/15/2020

    Since you don’t come to Vogel park anymore, we came to Boone to see you. We always loved your visits to Vogel park, never missed your performances

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